Helga Wurth

Shinto Muso Ryu Shomokuroku, IJF Shoden

Helga Wurth

Born on: 1974
Origin: Vienna
Profession: Software Engineer


Wien, Austria

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Budo Curriculum

Helga started to train 1995 in the group of Sylvia Palmberger in Vienna and briefly saw Nishioka Tsuneo Sensei while he visited Vienna for a week in that year.
She attended her first European stage in 1996 in Geneva under Pascal Krieger Sensei and Nishioka Sensei.
In 1999 she started training in the VJK Ronin Wien under Brigitte Prasek and continues to practice in this group until today, now leading it together with Brigitte.
Helga passed her Shodan in 2001 (Vienna), Nidan in 2004 (Lignano) and Sandan in 2005 (Vercorin), where she also received a Oku Iri Sho from Krieger Sensei.
She has attended summer camps in: France, Sweden, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Malaysia and Japan; IJF Jamborees in 2003, 2009, 2012, 2015; Seiryukai Japan spring camp in 2008, as well as some seminars in Brazil.
She helps to organise two stage per year in Vienna and attends various European seminars.
Krieger Sensei installed her as Shoden during the Kagamibiraki 2015. She received Shomokuroku during the summer camp 2016.

From the start her focus has been on Jodo, but she enjoys dappling in other Budo, especially in Iaido (since 1998) and Kenjutsu. She attends Multi-Budo seminars and has limited practice in Aikido and Kendo.
She speaks German, English, French and Dutch. In the FEJ she serves as webmaster.