Daniele Romanazzi

Shintô Musô Ryû Shomokuroku, FEJ Shoden

Daniele Romanazzi


Budô Curriculum

Starts Aikidô in 1981. Teacher from 1989. Receives the VI dan Aikikai So Honbu in 2018. Promoter and organizer of several national and international seminars since the early 90s. Founder of Shumeikai Italia A.S.D, which aims to represent and spread Tamura Sensei’s model in Italy, and member of the National Technical Commission in the same association. Member of the teachers board of the “Rencontres Europeennes d’Aikido” in La Colle sur Loup and of "Stage des Iles" in Cannes (France), Shidoin of Mutokukai Europe and member of the National Technical Committee of CSEN Italy. Teacher in charge of Takehaya Dojo since 2001.

The meeting with Tamura Sensei in 1985 marked a turning point in his experience as a budoka, that he intensified under the guidance of Sensei until 2010, to continue with S. Benedetti Sensei, R. VDB Sensei (1941-2012), and M.T. Shewan Sensei, mentors in his training since the early 90s.

Is just under the advice of Tiki Shewan Sensei that he attends his first multi-disciplinary "Stage des Iles" in Cannes in the early '90s, together with his brother in arms L. Trainelli , also an Aikidô teacher in Milano. During this seminar he comes in contact with Shintô Musô-ryû Jôdô, but above all with Pascal Krieger, who will exert a great influence on his way of learning as well as teaching. After a few years of solitary practice or limited to multidisciplinary seminars, he began to practice regularly at the summer camp in Vienna (2001), where he was encouraged by Pascal Krieger to start a SMR Jodo course at Takehaya Dojo in Rome. The course is still active and fruitful.



Shodan in 1992, Nidan in 1996, Sandan in 2001, Yondan in 2005, Godan in 2012, Rokudan in 2018.

Other Ryû

Limited experience in Ruyshin Shochi Ryu Iaijutsu e Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido.