Maria Rosa Valluzzi

Shinto Muso Ryu Gomokuroku, IJF Chuden

Maria Rosa Valluzzi

Born on: 6 July 1968
Origin: Matera, Italy
Profession: Civil Engineer, Ass. Prof. University of Padova, Italy


Padova (PD), Italy

Budo Curriculum

JODO: addressed by Lorenzo Trainelli (Seryukan Dojo, Milan) and Daniele Romanazzi (Takehaya Dojo, Rome), she started Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo in 2002 in Rome (I) during a seminar with Sergio Dieci Sensei. In the same year: met Pascal Krieger Sensei in Les Iles de Lerins (F) seminar, joined FEJ, and attended her first European summer camp in Sevenum (NL), under the guidance of Pascal Krieger Sensei and Nishioka Tsuneo Sensei. Continues practice alone and attending regularly seminars in Italy and Europe.
Started regular MSR Jodo courses at Tsuki Kage Dojo Padova in 2005; this responsibility pushed her to move periodically first to Milan and then to Geneva-Montreux to attend classes leaded by L. Trainelli and P. Krieger Sensei, respectively.
Promoted Shodan in 2008 (Guadarrama, ES), Nidan in 2010 (Tata, HU), Sandan in 2014 (Boson, SE).
Practice in Japan during short visits (Tokyo 2008, Nagoya 2011) and seminars (Matsumoto, Seryukai spring seminar 2008 and IFJ jamboree in 2009).
Okuiri-sho certificate received in 2011 (Zinnowitz, DE) from Pascal Krieger Sensei. Promoted Shoden FEJ in 2015 (Geneva, CH)
Sho-mokuroku certificate received in 2016 (El Collel, ES) from Pascal Krieger Sensei.
Member of the organizing committee of the 2016 European Jodo Summer Camp in Tirrenia, Pisa (I).
Go-mokuroku certificate received in 2021 (Soraga, IT) from Pascal Krieger Sensei.

AIKIDO: started in 1993 in Padova during University study (Aikikai d'Italia association - AI). Started regular courses as dojo-cho of Tsuki Kage Dojo Padova since 2004.
Joined Shumeikai Italia Aikido association (SMK) in 2005.
Shodan in 2001 (AI), Nidan in 2004 (AI), Sandan in 2008 (SMK), Yondan in 2013 (SMK).
All grades recognized from Aikikai So Honbu Japan.

IAIDO: started Muso Shinden Ryu Iai in 2004; in the same year joined FEI.
Started leading a small group of beginners in 2006, proposes regular courses of MSR Iaido at Tsuki Kage Dojo Padova since 2013.
Shodan in 2006, Nidan in 2011, Sandan in 2016, Yondan 2018.
Promoted Chuden FEI in 2018 (Geneva, CH).

SHODO: started Japanese calligraphy with Mio Takada in 2005, then continued under the supervision of Pascal Krieger Sensei, joining Toka Shoin school of Tokyo in 2007, guided by Saito Isoji Sensei.
Nidan in 2008, Sandan in 2009, Yondan in 2010, Godan in 2011, Rokudan in 2015.
Started leading a small group of beginners in 2008, proposes monthly courses at Tsuki Kage Dojo Padova since 2014. She also leads small seminars in Italy and Austria since 2015.

Other Ryu: Limited experience (2009-2010) in Ruyshin Shochi Ryu Iaijutsu (seminars in Europe and visit to Yahagi K. Sensei dojo in Akabane, Japan 2009) and Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu (seminars in Italy and visit to Otake R. Sensei dojo in Narita, Japan 2009).

She organizes regularly Budo seminars in Padova since 2005 (Aikido and weapons), 2007 (Shodo), and 2008 (MSR Iaido and SMR Jodo).