The EFJ is supporting an initiative to deliver medicines, medical equipment
and other basic necessities for those hard hit by current events in Ukraine.
If you want to join and bring help and comfort to those in need, contact
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Gasshuku 2024 last call

Dear group leaders,

As we still have around 15 spots left, we have extended the registration deadline for the EJF Gasshuku in Kacov, Czech Republic till June 15. If someone in your group is interested in participating, please let them know. We would appreciate if they could register as soon as possible, as last-minute changes may cause complications.

Link to registration:

Patrik Orth and the organizing team

Gasshuku 2024

Dear friends.

We would like to inform you all that the registration for the EJF Gasshuku 2024 in the Czech Republic is now open. Information including the registration form can be found at

PK and Sergio Dieci

The registration deadline is May 31th, or earlier if we fill the accommodation capacity. If you need any further information, please contact me via email at patrik(at)

I look forward to seeing you in the heart of Europe ;)

Patrik Orth and the organizing team

Sad news

Dear friends, Saturday April 6 at 16:50 our friend and fellow Jodoka Paul Meijer passed away in the presence of his family. He suffered from a brain tumor.

Paul trained Jodo with us since 2009. Last week he was awarded with an Oku Iri certificate by Fred Quant Sensei, with which he was very pleased. Paul was fascinated by Jodo and he travelled to many gasshuku across Europe. The past few years he often led the group in training when Jeffrey was not present.

Paul Meijer

We will remember Paul as a fine man and a good friend. We will remember him also for his dry, deadpan humor and his encyclopaedic knowledge of music.

We will miss him greatly.

Jeffrey Schwerzel for the Netherlands group

Update of the technical regulations

We are pleased to present to you the EFJ Technical Regulations version 2024, and we strongly recommend that you take the time to read them and especially the Group Leaders. You will certainly find the answers to your questions there. It can be downloaded in the Forms section, or by clicking on the image below.

Technical regulations 2024

The technical committee

Tribute to Robert Gembal

Robert Gembal

It is with great sadness that we have received the news that EJF group leader Robert Gembal, Poland has passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Robert joined the EJF community in 2017 at the summer camp in Italy with the desire to build a Polish Jodo group. With his background as the leader of the Polish branch of an Aikido school and a great interest in Koryu, the future looked bright. I remember our long talks about strategy to establish a stable Jodo group in Poland. His commitment led to Poland, under Robert's leadership, hosting the EJF summer camp in 2021.

Our thoughts now go to Robert's family and all his students with great gratitude for what Robert Gembal worked to build.

Michael Söderkvist
Mentor for Poland

Kagamibiraki picture

The Kagamibiraki of the EFJ took place from January 5 to 7, 2024 in Cartigny.

Reflections on Shintô Musô Ryû Jôdô

On the occasion of the publication of several texts by our Menkyô Kaiden, the section of Reflections on Shintô Musô Ryû returns to the top of the news. The reflections of each teacher are also grouped together on their biographical sheet (Teachers menu).
Here is the new list of essays available for reading on our site:

Gasshuku 2023 - Feldberg

Hello everyone... Hoping you all got back home safely, I would like to thank you all for participating in this wonderful Gasshuku, and especially to Matthias Wenderoth and Uwe Geiser for the wonderful organization. The meals were very tasty, lodging was excellent, and the general mood of this gasshuku was one of the best I have experienced in these 45 last years...

The unexpected visit of Fred Quant and Rob Stemmerik was a very special gift to us. It will be a great souvenir for all of us... A big thanks too to Michel Ducret and all the teachers for their wonderful work. I had the great pleasure of being helped by Lorenzo Sensei to take care of the beginners...

Despite changing weather, we were lucky to have some nice and sunny days, and this marvellous place will be for all of us an unforgettable souvenir... With my friendly thoughts to all, Pascal Krieger

PS: The photos taken during the seminar are available:

The photographer Cédric Russo kindly asks us to mention his name when we publish his shots. If you wish to print some photos, he can provide you a high definition on demand (

Kagamibiraki picture

The Kagamibiraki of the EFJ took place from January 6 to 8, 2023 in Cartigny.

2023 seminar will be an IJF International Gasshuku!

The EJF is happy to announce that, since the borders are slightly reopening, the 2023 seminar in Germany will be an IJF International Gasshuku!

We are looking forward to train again with our worldwide fellow jôdôka, after a 5 years gap since Brisbane 2018 IJF Gasshuku.

The Gasshuku details will be made available in the calendar page, as soon as they arrive from the German organization team.

New country leaders

In agreement with EFJ teachers, three countries will now be supervised by a new leader:

José Luis Latasa Jan Gerrit Post Josi Katona

The teachers and the committee send all their wishes of success to these new leaders.

Gasshuku 2022 - Sainte-Croix/Les Rasses

The European gasshuku in Ste-Croix/Les Rasses has just come to an end.

The photos are available thanks to the following link, using the password swiss2022 (BEWARE the upper and lower case, which is important):

Sayonara, Vicente

As many of you know it already, another Menkyô Kaiden left us at the beginning of this week...After Alain Robert, it is Vicente Borondo who went back to the Kami...

After a long time in Japan where he was training at Nishioka Sensei's Dôjô, Vicente came back to Spain and devoted himself to spreading Jô SMR in his country and in Portugal. I encouraged him to join the EJF then Seiryukai. He kindly accepted my proposal and was present in most of the international gasshuku.

When I went back to Japan in 2015, I wrote his Menkyô Kaiden with Watanabe Sensei who replaced Nishioka Sensei after his death. We both signed it together.

Vicente has greatly contributed to transmit Nishioka Sensei's version of SMR Jô, and we are very grateful to him for that.

Our sincere condolences to his wife and his daughter, as well to his family and to the Spanish and Portuguese groups. At the gasshuku that I gave at the end of April this year with Lorenzo Trainelli and Maria-Rosa Valluzzi, Fernando Gomez Pajares and I went to visit him at the hospital. It was a wonderful moment even with some humour.

Thanks in advance to José Luis Latasa, Fernando López and Pedro Gil as well as all the advanced practitioners in Spain and Portugal to continue to keep SMR Jô alive in that part of Europe...

You will stay in our heart forever, Vicente...


Kagamibiraki 2022

Group picture of the 65 European practitioners who could come to the Kagamibiraki 2022. The gasshuku was a real success, the atmosphere was very friendly and the training intense... We drank the traditional Saké Saturday evening to the health of all those who could not come for various reasons, as well as to those who left the EJF... This event was very positive and was very appreciated by all. A big thanks to Jean-Pierre Pahud and Claude Duverney for all their work. Let us not forget the theme of the gasshuku; "Make of each obstacle a spring-board".


It was a great honor for me to give Lorenzo Trainelli and Jean-Claude Hamel a Menkyo Kaiden of Shintô Musô Ryû Jô. I am trusting them from the bottom of my heart for continuing to spread SMR Jô, in Italy for Lorenzo, and in France for Jean-Claude and Gille Tache.


Kagamibiraki 2022

Mai-Gai Chô (wo) Okonau... Make of each obstacle a spring-board. In these difficult times, we must keep positive... keep our humour, our precious friendly ties and our passion for the practice of Shintô Musô Ryû Jô. Let us try not to forget all the richness that this art brought to us and let us prac- tise it during our daily life...

... read on

Registration (deadline 20.12.)
ERRATUM: registration confirmations will be sent to each participant as soon as it has been checked that there were enough places.

Dominique left us

We are sad to announce the death from cancer of our friend Budoka Dominique Fevre. A very regular practitioner in Jodo (3rd dan)-Iaido-Aikido, Dominique began practicing Jodo in 1997. Participating in many seminars, always in a good mood and with a lot of humor. Dominique, you will be missed and as you asked us: "Think of me and forget me to continue living in Joy".


The EJF joins his near relations in their sadness and is with them from the bottom of its heart.
Take care, the committee, Barbara, Nathalie, Raphaël, Jérôme, PK

Alain left us

It's with great sadness and deep sorrow that we have to announce the passing of Alain Robert.

Here are some reactions and memories:

This is a big shock. The latest big event where we met was in 2018 for the Macon summergasshuku. Together we led this gasshuku. He did everything to make it comfortabel for me. The early morning session started with Taichi at the side of the river. Beautiful to start the day with.
I will remember him as a good and warm friend, a super uchidachi for all the Ran ai demonstrations we have done together. Especially the one during the jamboree in Hawaii 1994. The first one in front of Nishioka sensei and all the other sensei. Our adrenaline levels went sky high. An experience nobody can take from us.
Thank you Alain!
My condoleances to everybody. - FQ

It was a sad message to receive. Alain was a friend with great warmth, very skilled in his profession and martial arts included with personal integrity and seriousness. My thoughts at this moment go to his closest and students who lost such a unique and appreciated personality. My warmest condolences to all concerned. - MS

Oui bien triste nouvelle, je garderais toujours en souvenir sa grande et longue amitié, les très bons moments de pratique ensemble, dans les stages internationaux et autres, et surtout quand il venait régulièrement de Lyon à Montreux au début de notre apprentissage en Jôdô suivre l’enseignement de Pascal Sensei. Adieu l’amis - MD

Je suis totalement sous le choc d’une nouvelle aussi brutale. Alain, si solide derrière son Jo est parti rejoindre Momo .... décidemment cette année 2021 n’est pas une bonne année. Alain va laisser un grand vide dans le monde du Jo européen où il fut un des pionniers. Il se rappellera à nous chaque fois que nous ouvrirons le livre de PK et chaque fois que nous assisterons à un Ran Ai lors d’une démonstration. Derrière sa puissance physique se cachait une grande sensibilité et une grande générosité. Tu vas vraiment nous manquer Alain.... - GT

"Kansha" (gratitude) to Alain who has been a generous, competent and considerate teacher. He was the first one who came to Corsica to animate a Jôdô gasshuku in the Un-Sui Dôjô. And he came again and again. Alain was also for me an intimate friend till the end. Kansha, again and again. - Marc Vichet, Irohanihoheto Dôjô

The EJF joins his near relations in their sadness and is with them from the bottom of its heart.
Take care, the committee, Barbara, Nathalie, Raphaël, Jérôme, PK

Reflections of Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo

Due to the current training restrictions our teachers have not been able to offer seminars for almost a year.
These three essays written by some of the Menkyo Kaiden provide insights into and around SMR Jodo practice. Please read them carefully and if you have any questions, the authors are available to be contacted through email.