Training in Montreux with Sensei Pascal Krieger

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College de Vernex, rue de la gare 28, Montreux, 21h00 - 23h45


July, 23rd to 27th 2018

Jodo Camp Mâcon
Mâcon / Saône et Loire, 71 France
With: Alain Robert & others
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August, 4th to 11th 2018

14th IJF Gasshuku
YMCA Camp Warrawee / Brisbane, Australia
With: international teachers
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Registrations will close 30 April 2018. (The organiser asks for earliest submission of registrations.)

August, 5th to 11th 2018

SMR Jodo Summer Gasshuku
Guadarrama, Espagne
With: Kees Bruggink, Vicente Borondo
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August, 17th to 19th 2018

Summer Gasshuku Berlin 2018
Berlin, Germany
With: Kees Bruggink
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September, 15th to 16th 2018

Jodo stage
Rémilly, Fance
With: Gilles Tache
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September, 28th to 30th 2018

Jodo stage
Kiev, Ukraine
With: Pascal Krieger Sensei, Patrik Orth

September, 28th to 30th 2018

SMR Jodo stage
Rüsselsheim, Germany
With: Yves Galley

October, 12th to 14th 2018

Autumn Gasshuku 2018
Berlin, Germany
With: Kees Bruggink
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October, 19th to 21st 2018

30th Stage des Vendanges
Gryon, Switzerland
With: Pascal Krieger Sensei, Michel Ducret and Michel Colliard

October, 26th to 28th 2018

Jodo stage
Saint Petersburg, Russia
With: Patrik Orth

November, 10th and 11th 2018

9th Stage of Dahus
Grenoble, France

November, 25th 2018

4th Stage d'automne
Sion, Switzerland
With: Yves Galley
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December 1st to 2nd, 2018

jodo stage at Vienna
Vienna, Austria
With: Wil and Kees Bruggink
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December 7th to 9th, 2018

Jodo stage
Basel, Switzerland
With: Jean-Pierre Pahud
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January, 4th to 6th 2019

Kagami Biraki EJF
Geneva, Switzerland
With: the teaching staff

May, 30th to Jun 2nd 2019

40th Seminar
Iles de Lérins / Cannes, France
With: Gilles Tache, (Daniele Romanazzi, Dominique Boetti)
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July / August 2019

European Summer Camp
Lyon, France
With: PKS & the teachers
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