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The subscriptions for the summer Gassuku in Lyon will be closed on May, Friday 31st
It is possible to pay in three instalments in case the organizers receive the subscription before the end of April.
The last payment should be done within June, Monday 10th
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Teacher's Training 2019

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Kagamibiraki 2019



kokoro in shinto muso ryu training
A message by Pascal Krieger Sensei

Georges Kraus left us on 2 August 2018.

George visiting shinto muso ryu practice in Geneva
After a long illness endured with a great courage, Georges Kraus, in his 91st year, rejoined those of whom he spoke so often with a benevolent nostalgia...
The funeral ceremony took place on 7th of August, at a moment where lots of us were on vacation or participating to the Australian seminar. Happily, Sergio Dieci Sensei made himself available for a moving fairwell speech for this Jô practitioner whom all of us regret from the bottom of our heart.
Practicing Jô since the beginning of the 80s, Georges has been an example of regularity, of an indefectible friendship. When he ceased to train after an accident, he continued to keep a very regular contact with the Geneva group, coming to visit us at every Kagamibiraki with his wife Jeanine and his daughter Maud.
Great collector of Japanese martial arts litterature, he made a gift of all his books to the Geneva Shung Dô Kwan Budô library.
We'll miss you, Georges... The many practitioners of Jô from all Europe who knew him, and particularly the Geneva group, wish to convey to the Kraus family their sincere sympathy. - Pascal Krieger

European Summer 2018

With the IJF gasshuku far away, a couple of small summer camps where held in Europe.
Mâcon, Guadarrama, Lindow

Participants in Mâcon

IJF summer gasshuku in Brisbane/Australia

The Bow in to the 14th International Jodo Federation Gasshuku took place on Sunday 5th August beginning a week of solid training under the guidance of Pascal Krieger Sensei and the supporting teaching staff.
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Comments by PKS

Participants from: Australia, China, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA



The Isle of Lérins seminar was a success. During that seminar, Gilles Tache received his Menkyo Kaiden for all his years of practice and personal investment for SMR in Southern France. It was an honour for me to present him this roll. Let us all give him our congratulations. PK

Teacher's Training 2018

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