European EJF summer gasshuku in Pisa

Waiting for a more detailed description of that wonderful seminar from the organizing committee, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Italian group. The family spirit, which is so important to me, was at its top level. Accomodation and food were at an unusual high level, and the many side-events (Shuriken, Marionettes, cross-bow, t-shirts, bags, amazing cakes, etc) were unexpected surprises. And all this did not interfer with serious and hard/hot training. A life-long unforgettable souvenir. Mille grazie a tutti.
Pascal Krieger

As illustrated above... the theme of the gasshuku was "Having not experienced life-death combat, teach with humility".


Teacher's Training 2017

Kagamibiraki 2017

Kagamibiraki pictures

Summer Camp

July, 30th to August, 6th 2016 - El Collell / Barcelona, Spain


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