Teaching structures

An EJF teacher is chosen by the EJF Technical Board. The President of the Technical Board proposes a name and discusses the pros and cons with the members of the Technical Board (all qualified teachers). Although the President has the power of decision, he will take into account the various reactions of the Technical Commission members. This may lead to postponing one promotion, or accelerating another. In order to preserve compatibility with the International J�d� Federation (IJF), the EJF Technical Board submits its proposal to the IJF Technical Board during an international seminar (every three years). A teacher qualified by the EJF is automatically recognized by the IJF.

The choice of a candidate is based upon definite criteria:

The President of the EJF Technical Board has the right to promote to non-official teaching level practitionners who cannot fulfill the above conditions because of their time commitment in other disciplines. This choice is dictated by the fact that these persons organize many seminars and that they are very well placed to promote the EJF style of training.

Currently, these persons are:

The above persons are not only confirmed Jô practitionners, but, due to their important position in other disciplines, they are used to conducting seminars with sufficient authority. However, they are not entitled to give grades superior to Nikkyô. Concerning more specific technical details, they will have to refer to a qualified teacher.

Group leaders

In today's context, the EJF has neither the structure nor the means to ensure qualified teaching in all the areas member of the Federation. The consequence of this is that some isolated practitionners who would like to found a local group have no choice but to give a certain form of teaching to keep practising. This is far from being an ideal situation, but it is better than doing nothing at all. These possible future teachers are closely supported by the EJF and are encouraged to participate in as many seminars as possible with their students. Their task is not an easy one for their teaching is constantly put back into question in these seminars and, once back to their own Dôjô, they often have to enter in contradiction with what they had said a week before.

Technical responsible per country

There was a time when I could control all the members of the EJF and decide who should be graded. With the years and the development of the EJF, I lost that control and I am afraid to forget somebody, being unjust. So we decided in 2017 to name a responsible person for each country. Some of the responsible persons might have, during an undetermined period, several countries under their control. The role of these persons is to be in touch with the teaching staff of the EJF to propose people of their country for grades or integration to Seiryukai-Europe. These decisions should be taken only after consulting all the teachers of the country concerned.

Pascal Krieger, Technical Commission Director