Today's situation

The European Jôdô Federation gets more important every year with new regional groups joining, however it still keeps a fairly human dimension with some 1200 licensed trainees, 425 active (January 2013).

Important meetings

The General Assembly of the EJF is organized in Geneva on the second Saturday of each year at the occasion of one of the two big annual events: the Kagamibiraki. The other one is the Summer camp, lasting 6 days, held in one of the countries of the Federation in July or August.

Summer camps of the EJF since 1983:

Apart from this important annual event, several seminars of a more regional dimension are organized (e.g. Montreux Fall seminar, Lérins Island in France, and Alpine Budo Seminar in Italy, etc ). (see the calendar)


The EJF is composed of two bodies (the below committee was (re)elected at the General Assembly 2020):




Tresurer (interim)

Technical commission


Members (by seniority order)


Technical Regulations

Sei-Ryû-Kai Europe

Introduction to the Sei-Ryû

Sei-Ryû-Kai wa founded by Nishioka Tsuneo Sensei. The two first ideograms have been taken from the name of Shimizu Takaji Sensei. Kai means Association.
Being responsible for Shintô Musô Ryû in Europe, I have been accepted in this Ryû-Ha (Ryû-branch) when I received my Menkyo-Kaiden from Nishioka Sensei at the end of the last century. Then, I founded Sei-Ryû-Kai-Europe at the beginning of the 21st century.

List of members

List of Sei-Ryû-Kai Europe licenses