Minutes 2006

General Assembly Minutes

Internet site

A new site has been created by Antoine Bauza. This site is far better than the previous one. Matthias Wenderoth possesses copies of the pages of this new site. What will be new, besides a more clear presentation, is that we will have more links to other sites. PK thinks Antoine should be financially rewarded for the job.

First evaluation of the futur shoden

Confirmation of the four new Shoden IJF will be officially done during the international summer camp in Brazil, this summer.

Complete member list

Vincent Zahnd has taken over this job. he presents his results. He managed to update a complete list of licence numbers. Unhappily, some licence numbers cannot be linked to names or addresses. He is asking group leaders to be more attentive for their administrative task.


In relation to the matter of the Sei Ryu Kai, last year I commented that several Australians had seemed to be presenting this concept in a poor way and for unsound reasons. Throughout this year I have had communication with these people and found that the Australians were only part of a group that were actually acting at the request of Nishioka Sensei.

It was in fact his wish that a sound financial concept be developed for that group. The copy of the document I received was not accompanied by the letter which would have explained that this was a draft proposal only. That same letter also contained a request that people who considered themselves students of Nishioka Sensei were encouraged to contribute their own ideas to the draft in an attempt to get a complete picture of the Sei Ryu Kai.

On that basis I would like to correct the impression my comments last year may have made, particularly in reference to the motivation of those involved. I hope that we can improve our communication channels to avoid future misunderstandings.

2006 Summer Camp

A short seminar will be organized by Matthias Wenderoth in Würzburg, from 15 to 16 July, for the people who will not be able to make it to Brazil. An exam session is to be held at that time.

International Jodo Camp 2006

From 31 July to 8 August, the International 2006 Gasshuku will be held near Belo Horizonte (45 minutes by bus) in a large sport center. Price of lodging and food will be cheaper than in Europe, but the average cost from Europe for the plane ticket amounts to some 900-1000 Euros.

2007 Summer Camp

Patrick Orth proposes that the summer camp of next year be held in the Czech Republic. We will have further information about this during the year.

The Assembly is closed et 8:35 p.m.