Minutes 2007

General Assembly Minute

Opening of the Assembly : 19h50, 105 members attending.

Points 1 to 6 are accepted unanimously.

New teachers

PK annonces 4 new official teachers : Sylvain Creuzet (Rin), Yves Galley (Ka), Jean-Claude Hamel (Zan), and Michael Söderkvist (Fu). They will benefit from some advantages (free seminars + travel expenses + small indemnity) but, on the other hand, they must participate to the Kagamibiraki and to the summer camps. PK welcome them with pleasure among the teachers. He gave them each a calligraphy reproducing the flags of the armies of Takeda Shingen, fast like the wind, silent like the wood, devastating like the fire and inamovible like the mountain.


Matthias Wenderoth thanks Antoine Bauza for his enormous work. Matthias asks the Assembly whether it is satisfied with the Web site. Everyone likes it. Antoine thinks of a Forum which is not activated yet. He asks whether it is really necessary and if the latter must be opened or confidential. PK says the Forum should be opened to all but under the control of a moderator. The next problem : who answers the questions ? PK thinks that he will do this himself for the technical questions, and, for other questions, (seminars, organization, etc.) group leaders should be able to answer. Followed a debate. Some think that it should remain confidential. Helga thinks that some pictures and repports implying private persons should not be seen by anyone. PK thinks that people outside the EJF will not show much interest to this Forum. Antoine also thinks that most of the people who go on the Web site are EJF practitioners. PK proposes that the Web site stays open for the moment. A confidential application can always be decided later. Matthias also requires that people update information in order to actualize the Web site. (Where to train, whom to contact, and so on). PK warmly thanks Antoine and Matthias.

Summer Camp

Patrick Orth briefly introduces the site of the 2007 Summer camp venue, from 4 to 11 August 2007, near Pragues.

Closure at 20h50

I would like to thank in particular all those who make this family event a success, year after year, while preserving to this meeting its seriousness and, we could see that this year, even a fair intensity. I would like to give a special thanks to the people who have been sharing their week-end between administrative/kitchen works and bits of training. Above all, thanks to Jean-Pierre Pahud, the Deus-ex-machina of this event, Georges Kraus, Vincent Zahnd, Yves Galley, and several members of the Jo section of the SDK.

Pascal Krieger