November 16th to 17th, 2019

As has been customary, on the weekend of November 16 and 17 the annual course of SMR Jojutsu was held in the Shinerkan Gym under the direction of Vicente Borondo, Menkyo Kaiden of our beautiful art.

For this occasion a part of the family of SMR Jojutsu practitioners from Spai gathered. Members from the MUSHIN dojo in Valencia, the TAI ITSU KAN dojo from Madrid and the RANAI dojo from Barcelona participated.

On Saturday morning, after breakfast, we meet at the Shinerkan gym dressed in our keikogi and indigo hakama, and with our inseparable Jos in hand. The morning was dedicated to the practice of Kihon, in tandoku the first two and sotai the rest. Borondo sensei instructed us and corrected some technical aspects during practice according to the level of each participant. Once the basic techniques were finished, we could see an embu of the Omote series by Vicente sensei and Fernando and then we practiced this series in pairs, under the careful supervision of Vicente sensei.

In the afternoon, after recovering our strength with a tasty meal, we gathered back to keiko. We had the opportunity to practice the Chudan and Ranai series, after observing them in an embu. The first thing that can be highlighted in these kata is how the Mai ai is shortened and how the speed of development of the katas and techniques that compose them is increased by one degree, in comparison with the Omote series. In a more detailed analysis, it is noteworthy to highlight how in a natural and constant way, as one goes into the discipline, certain values are acquired while we apprehend the external form of the series while, in our interior, small changes are brewing. We start "tuning", we are internalizing and combining the different principles such as Zanshin, Shisei, Fudoshin or the Ki-Ai, and the importance of doing it correctly and synchronously with the breathing. All this happens as we move forward in the Do of our art and unconsciously produces effects in our everyday lifes as well as in our interior, a point often forgotten in the world of martial arts.

Some of us had the opportunity to enter the Chudan series by learning the first two Katas, Ichiriki and Oshizume, under the tutelage of Vicente sensei, who explained to us some little nuances of why some movements vary with respect to others in the Omote series, a development that has a larger "jutsu" character.

Once the practice was over, the usual nerves and tension began before the grade exam. Manuel from Mushin Dojo passed into 4th kyu and Felix from Ranai dojo into 3rd kyu. Vicente Borondo sensei congratulated the examinees and provided them some corrections.

Once the Saturday day was over, after a day full of keiko, we went to a Japanese tavern to have dinner, to share many laughs and pleasant talks, as is customary and a tradition in the courses held in the capital of the Turia river.

Sunday began with the usual uchi komi by way of introduction and the subsequent embus of Kage and Samidare. We dedicated the morning to the practice of the different series according to each one's level.

Once the jo kata practice was finished, we had the opportunity to see a Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu embu, a discipline incorporated within the curriculum of Shinto muso ryu, along with other weapon systems. After which each one, according to their level, set out to practice the katas of either kenjutsu or the different secondary weapon systems (Jutte and Kusarigama) that are integrated into SMR.

This course, like the previous ones, leaves us with new and not so new material to assimilate, practice and improve in our respective dojos.

It is fitting to end this Article by thanking all attendees and especially Vicente Borondo sensei, Menkyo Kaiden of Shinto Musho Ryu Jojutsu, direct transmitter of the Nishioka Sensei line, for the transmission of our noble art.

Written by: Félix Echeandia, translated into English by Javier Gil