15th Central Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo Stage

May, 29th to 31st 2015

More than 30 practitioners of traditional Jodo met at the 15th Central Stage in the Netherlands on May 29-31. The seminar was led by Fred Quant, both Menkyo Kaiden. The participants came from the three dojo in the Netherlands, but also from Italy, Spain, Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium, United States, Sweden and Czech Republic.

As usual, the Friday evening training was held in Shin-Shinbuken dojo in Amsterdam and was attended by a smaller number of participants. The training was devoted to techniques and kata of Shinto Ryu Kenjutsu, under the supervision of Fred Quant.

Most people who came from abroad took the opportunity to sleep in the dojo and SSBK arranged breakfast in the canteen.

The Saturday's training was in Almere (about 50 km from Amsterdam).
Rob Stemmerik, 84 years and the oldest student of Fred, was not present as he was on holiday, but as always he provided us with a nice theme for the gasshuku: Kikoeba Wasureru, Mireba Oboeru, Okonaeba Satoru, meaning: I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.
The training was led by both teachers. We started with the first half of kihon sotai and with the first series of kata (Omote waza). Before each session there was a demonstration of the techniques and the kata by the teachers. Points were highlighted and people could ask questions.

In the afternoon, we continued with the second series (Chudan waza) and half way the afternoon, the advanced students started with Kage waza.
Exams for Kyu and Dan degrees were held at the end of this training, especially for those who cannot attend a FEJ summer gasshuku.
In the evening we had the traditional common dinner with BBQ in a cozy and comfortable environment.

On Sunday, we practiced the second half of kihon sotai and further kata series depending on the levels of the participants; some continued with Omote and Chudan, advanced practiced Ran-ai, Kage, Samidare, Gohon no Midare or even Okuden. As on Saturday Fred demonstrated the remaining series. There was a dedicated training for the advanced students in Samidare and a selection of Okuden kata. Other students received corrections in the basic body postures, how to take the kamae in the correct way, foot positions, ma-ai etc.

Half way the training there was a small break where Fred asked Josi Katona (FEJ Groupleader for Hungary) and me (as FEJ Groupleader for Czech Republic) to come forward. We received a speech in which Fred was thanking us for promoting SMR Jo in the East part of Europe, for our long and lasting friendship and our participation to all the gasshuku in the different countries we share together. He presented us with two nice handmade sculptures of Shimizu sensei and Nishioka sensei, beautifully handmade by his student Frank Hoekzema.
We finished the training with a common workout in Ran-ai waza in which also the teachers took part.

In addition to excellent trainings of Shinto Muso Ryu Jodo, we enjoyed meeting our friends from the Netherlands and other countries. The next opportunity to meet the teachers will be at the International Jodo Gasshuku in Penang, Malaysia.

A big thank you for Jeffrey and Shanti for all the work they did for organizing this gasshuku.

Patrik Orth