Stage des Iles 2017

May, 25th to 28th 2017

A weapons course that, over the years, is becoming more and more structured. 45 practitioners met this year in Fort Sainte Marguerite on the Lérins Islands off Cannes, far from the tumult of the Film Festival.

This year, Loris Pétris (6th dan TSKSR) accompanied by several of his students, joined us and shared with us his expertise in the practice of the sword in the Tradition of Tenshin Shôden Katori Shintô Ryu. A discovery for most of us but thanks to the 8 courses given by Loris, a discovery that we were able to deepen.

The practical application of this training topic was very interesting and sometimes surprising. In Jo, it was necessary to find spaces of freedom inside the katas which highlighted very enriching situations for the practice of each one.

This year, we decided to put the practice of Aikido back on the program. The teachers (Dominique Boetti - Jean Marc Dessapt - François Dufour) also stressed the need to find an appropriate response. Perhaps this common thread has allowed them to approach the practice of their art a little differently, to the great pleasure of all practitioners.

After a day of training under a hot sun, we spent our first Mondo evening under the direction of Loris with fruitful exchanges on TSKSR as well as on the theme of the training course...... a few high moments of philosophy!
The second evening was traditionally devoted to the "calligraphy class" under the supervision of the talented teachers: Maria Rosa - Jacky and Marie. The students progress from year to year to the point of being able, in addition to their name, to write the theme of the seminar!

With Saturday evening's barbecue, a hot day in temperature and emotion ended: indeed, at the request of the Fort officials, we carried out a demonstration in the powder magazine for the children and adults present on the site. It was done in the Embu spirit because nothing was prepared and everyone gave the best. Bo and Naginata's demonstration impressed many!

On Sunday morning, an old tradition of the Islands seminar: a suburi session in the forest followed by a swim!
The Sunday morning classes allowed each speaker to make his synthesis after a dense and instructive course.

And as every year, a big THANK YOU to Claude for the organization.