18th seminar in Czech Republic with Fred Quant

12ht - 13th of April 2014

The 18th (inter)national seminar of Jodo in Czech Republic with Fred Quant was held in Prague, on April 12-13, 2014. There were 35 participants of varying experience coming mostly from Czech Republic and Slovakia, Hungary and Russia (but by birthplace or passport, also from Germany, USA/Switzerland Lithuana and Mexico).

The seminar started by remembrance of the recently departed Nishioka sensei, whose photo we put on kamiza for the first time.

As usual, the main focus of the seminar was on kihon and the kata of omote and chudan. However, Fred also devoted some time to the more advanced participants practicing kage and samidare, while the others had free training.

On the other hand, the very beginners learned the first six techniques of kihon and practiced three of them in the sotai form, joined all other participants in sword practice and tried tsuki zue and suigetsu katas. Fred was assisted by other advanced participants (at least 2nd dan) and one teacher (IJF Shoden), so everyone had possibility to learn something new.

In addition to the practice and possibility to ask questions, we had seen precise demonstrations of omote, chudan and ran-ai katas. On Sunday, several participants successfully took exams for degrees up to 3rd kyu.

And after the official end of the seminar, Fred spent 45 minutes training the most advanced techniques (okuden and kusarigama katas) with those who practice them.

Patrik Orth