Jodo Seminar Rüsselsheim

17th to 17th September 2017

Small but nice: Yves Galley in Rüsselsheim September 2017

This autumn, too, the Frankfurt group was able to cultivate the tradition and win Yves Galley for the 8th weekend seminar.
Unfortunately, due to some events and parallel dates, the number of participants of the previous years could not be reached. But the quality of the training did not suffer, on the contrary. The family size of the group provided for an immense intensity of the training, but also for a cozy atmosphere outside the hall.
And despite the small number of 7 participants + Yves in total, the presence of 4 nations made it an international seminar. Technically, Yves demanded almost the whole range, from Omote to Gohon No Midare everything was represented and no question remained unanswered.
Also in the evenings we stuck to our tradition. The Indian restaurant now also knows us, and for us it was a pleasure again. But finally, Saturday ended early in the sleeping bag thanks to the intensity. The next morning was no problem, especially as our capacity to absorb was also fully challenged by Yves on Sunday. We are also proud to have participated at Yves' first Kusarigama Embu - it won't get any easier.
As in the past, the weekend passed at an unfortunately breathtaking speed. Still sitting together a little bit and then our guests left Rüsselsheim again - at least in sunshine.
We hope everyone arrived home safely and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Thilo Alber