Seminar Aikido, Ken & SMR Jodo, Sukhumi, Abkhazia

September, 26th to 28th 2014

26 - 28 September 2014 in Abkhazia (Аҧсны́), Sukhum (Sukhumi or Аҟəа) city, was a traditional international seminar of Aikido Aikikai, Iaido Muso Shinden ryu (FEI) and Kenjutsu led by Dominique Pierre. So, for the first time there was Shinto Muso ryu Jodo seminar held in Abkhazia with me.

The seminar was attended by approx. 20 people - from the Jodo perspective our old friends from Petersburg, Moscow and some "newbies" from Sukhumi (Abkhazia) Smolensk, Voronezh, Piyatigorsk the Russian cities and Caucasus region. The people from Sukhumi trained basics of Jodo for the first time. During four trainings I have come over kihon from honte uchi up to kaeshi cuki with them, uchikomi geiko and every day one (just for motivation) kata (tsuki zue and tokushu waza). Over this we dedicated one training to the bokken (kiri awase, kihon, ai suri). After the training we have shown few omote katas and chudan waza and out of the training time we have been practicing more minutes with the advanced students (finaly over one more hour). The Petersburg people asked me for exams for 3 people to 2nd and 3rd kyu. Everybody passed, but regardless I had few comments.

The trip to Abkhazia was very demanding, but next to the possibility to introduce the Jodo we had also preliminary arranged the practicing in other Russia cities. During the April, next to the Petersburg we will also have practicing in Moscow for one training and probably also a seminar in Smolensk in the future. Even with smaller attendance I can declare the seminar as a success.

Patrik Orth