Jodo/Iaido Stage, Vienna

March, 14th and 15th 2015

This year we had an early date for our "spring stage" with Michel Ducret Sensei. As usual we profited from the fact that Michel is also a teacher of the FEI to organise a combined Iaido/Jodo seminar. We were happy to welcome 20 participants from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria.

For Iaido we focused on the progression of rhythm and character of the different series, going through Omori, Hasegawa and Oku Suwari Waza. Michel Sensei clearly demonstrated this progression and encouraged the advanced practitioners to find "their Iai" fitting ones own character in Okuden.
On Saturday morning we had a dedicated Kenjutsu session with the purpose of enabling Iai- and Jo-practitioners to work together. After detailed work on Kiri Gaeshi, focusing on the importance of Hamni, we finished the lesson with Shinto Ryu Suikomi.

The motto of the stage had been set as "Nin" / Benevolence. Michel Sensei started the afternoon session with a short explanation of the Go-jo (5 conditions) pointing out the importance of Benevolence in connection to the other four. He then explained the significance of Nin in the role of Uchidachi.

For the Jodo part we focused on Kage and Okuden and were able to go through both series. Less advanced participants concentrated on Omote and Ran-ai. We finished with a session of individual practice giving everyone the chance to work with Michel Sensei or other seniors directly.

The last half hour was dedicated to a Shodan examination. Congratulations to Stefan for succeeding the challenging program and becoming the VJK Ronin's newest Yudansha.

We thank Michel Sensei for yet another wonderful seminar and all the attendees for joining us and making our stage a remarkable event.

ヘルガ (for the VJK Ronin Wien)