19th Gasshuku in W├╝rzburg

18th and 19th June 2016

Again, we had the pleasure to welcome Michel and Coco who guided us during our 19th Gasshuku. Participants came from Austria, Switzerland, the United States, Germany and for the first time from Belgium. However, it was a pity that Franz, the organizer of the Gasshuku, could not participate this year because he had to attend an important Kobudo Gasshuku. But he was perfectly replaced by Dieter who is also responsible for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning.

It has already become a good tradition to start training on Saturday morning at 6 a.m. with warming-up exercises as well as basic movements. Especially during the morning, Michel and Coco made us work kihon by explaining in detail each technique. And even after years of training there remains still some "stuff" that has to be corrected. The afternoon was devoted to different Kata series.

The next day, we continued practicing the Kata series and to complete the Gasshuku, the following three examinations were successful:

Congratulations to all three and continue on this path!

A last word for next year. It will be for the twentieth time that our Gasshuku will take place and we would be delighted to welcome a large number of participants on this occasion. The date will be communicated in time.

And finally, I would of course thank both Michel who accompanied us during these two decades with their valuable advice and especially their patience with us!

Matthias Wenderoth, Oku-iri