Jodo Gasshuku in Zlin

24ht - 26th of January 2014

The first seminar of Patrik Orth as an official teacher of FEJ was held in Zlin on January 24-26, 2014. There were 7 participants from Russia (St. Petersburg) and 11 from Czech Republic (groups from Zlín, Prague and Trinec).

The beginning was unfortunately complicated by difficulties with entering the gym where the seminar was planned to take place. Eventually, the organizers improvised a location in a warehouse near to the dojo.

Despite this, everyone enjoyed the training. The Friday evening and Saturday morning were devoted to kihon tandoku & sotai. During the rest of the seminar, we studied the katas of Omote (with a detailed explanation given for each of them), Chudan for the more advanced participants, and first few kenjutsu katas (ai suri sa/yu). Before the last training, there were beginner's exams; all four participants succeeded and obtained 5th kyu.

Zdenek Dvorak (Photos Shofukai Dojo/ Shinkai Dojo St. Petersburg)