Shinto Muso ryu Jodo seminar in Zlin

3rd and 4th of February 2018

During the weekend of February 3-4, we organized a seminar in Zlin (Czech Republic), lead jointly by Patrik Orth and Josi Katona. There were 22 participants from Czechia, Hungary, Russia, Lithuania and Ukraine. We focused especially on kihon and katas of Omote and Chudan waza. Additionally, more advanced participants spent some time practicing kage waza.

We enjoyed the opportunity to practice and share the experiences, and we look forward to further seminars. We especially appreciate the effort the participants from abroad took to visit. Katka who had to leave earlier is missing in the group foto, but she is substituted by a new jodoka from Prague.

She cannot hold jo yet, but she excels in getting under our feet.
Have a nice dog too ;)

Patrik Orth