6th and 7th of July 2019

On 6 - 7 July 2019 we organized another Jodo stage in Zlín led by Yves Galley. About 10 participants from the Czech Republic and Hungary attended this event. The main topic of the weekend practice was accuracy or targeting of stroke, continuity as well as rhythm. Yves showed us a different concept of teaching than we are used to. He introduced us to some of his forms of drill, different methods of uchikomi. He chose specific techniques, different forms of their performance and after that katas where we can find them. We practised these katas and tried to keep the same targeting as in individual techniques. We focused only on specific katas and not on whole series. Another interesting point was practice of katas with interruptions of techniques. The aim of this kind of practice is clear – to avoid mechanical movements, see and perceive the partner and his movement. Apart from jo katas we also managed to practice seven katas of Kenjutsu and the more advanced practitioners even a bit of Juttejutsu and Kusarigama-jutsu. We all enjoyed it a lot, got sweat and together we shared Shinto Muso Ryu.

Patrik Orth