Vicente Borondo

Shintô Musô Ryû Menkyo Kaiden, IJF Kuden

Vicente Borondo

Vicente Borondo

Born on : 1968
Origine : Madrid, Spain
Profession : Aikido and Jodo instructor


Madrid, Spain
Tel. 662 142 706

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Budo Curriculum

Starts judo in 1981, discipline that he will continue for over 12 years. In 1989 he begins jiu-jutsu as well .

He gets his shodan in judo in 1993 and it is around this time that he starts flirting with aikido.

In 1994 leaves Spain and moves to England first and then Holland where he keeps training.

Shodan in jiu-jutsu in 1996.

In January 1997 he takes his backpack and goes to Istambul where he begins a long trip mostly overland across Asia. He reaches Japan in the summer of 1998 and takes up residence in Tokyo.

After training a bit in judo and brasilian jiu-jitsu he becomes dissatisfied with competitive sports and concentrates on aikido, training daily at the Aikikai headquarters and later at other aikido dojos as well, where his sensei, M. Yasuno shihan teaches.

In 1999 he is introduced to SMR Jodo by Arai Katsuhiko, a student of Nishioka sensei and aikido practitioner. The same year he meets Nishioka sensei and he decides to follow his teachings.

For the next 8 years life becomes hectic, combining training at several different dojos with a little work (at one point he dedicated more hours to training than to work)

He receives Oku-iri from Nishioka sensei in june 2003.

In August of the same year he accompanies Nishioka sensei to the IJF gasshuku in Vesc, France, where he meets the "European family".

Eventually he becomes assistant instructor to Nishioka sensei at the Bumbukan, the Seiryukai headquarters and also commences to teach aikido to children in a school through the Aikikai hombu dojo.

He receives his Shomkurouku from Nishioka sensei at the Seiryukai gasshuku in May 2006.

Recieves his yondan in aikido from M. Yasuno sensei in December 2006.

In February 2007 he returns to Spain with the intention of spreading SMR jodo and aikido, and right away starts teaching both at different locations in Madrid.

Once in Europe Pascal Krieger invites him to attend the FEJ summer camp in the Chezc Republic, after which, with the encouragement of Nishioka sensei and the warm welcome by Pascal and the rest of members he decides to join the European Jodo Federation with his newly formed group.

Receives gomokurouku from Nishioka sensei in August 2010 during his annual visit to Japan.

Promoted to 5 Dan in Aikido at the Aikikai Hombu dojo kagamibiraki in January 2012.

He receives the final teaching certificat 'Menkyo Kaiden' SMR from Pascal Krieger Sensei in august 2016 during the summer camp. This license was awarded also by Watabe Taisuke, Seiryukai Sandaime Kaicho Shihan.

Promoted to 6 Dan in Aikido at the Aikikai Hombu dojo kagamibiraki in January 2018.


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