Alain Robert

Shintô Musô Ryû Menkyo Kaiden, IJF Kuden

Alain Robert

Alain Robert

Born on : 24 october 1957
Origine : Lyon, France

Between 12 and 20, Alain practises various sports such as:sailing (instructor), climbing, speleology, canoë kayak, horse riding (galop 8).

In September 1977, he meets Bernard George-Batier, teacher of 'Aikidô 6th Dan (then National Technical Instructor FFAB), student of teachers such as NORO Sensei, TADA Sensei, TAMURA Sensei. This was the starting point on the path of Budô. Thanks Bernard, Alain has been very rapidly introduced to Iaidô, Jôdô, Shiatsu, Qi Gong, and meditation (Tibethan Buddhism).

Soon after, (1978) he meets Malcolm Tiki Shewan who becomes his reference in Iaïdô and in Kenjutsu.

1980, second important period, meeting with Pascal Krieger (actually Menkyo Kaiden of Shintô Muso Ryu Jôdô), and with late Donn F. Draeger (Teacher of Jôdô, Iaîdô and menkyo holder of Tenshin Shoden Katori Shintô Ryu) during his European tour with OTAKE RISUKE Sensei (Headmaster of Tenshin Shoden Katori Shintô Ryu). The bases of Jôdô transmitted by Bernard George-Batier led him to his deep interest in stick arts, since 1980, this interest only but deepened and became the discipline closest to his heart.

Very soon, he will assist Pascal Krieger in his numerous gasshuku through France and other countries.

In 1994, at the occasion of the 6th International Jôdô Gasshuku in Hawaii, he meets NISHIOKA Tsuneo Sensei, 10th Dan in Jôdô, Menkyo Kaiden, one of the earliest student of Shimizu Sensei, (also Teacher of P.Krieger).

NISHIOKA Sensei gives a new direction to the European Jôdô. Naturally, behind Pascal Krieger, Alain learns enthusiastically NISHIOKA Sensei's style. He gets reward for his investment in 1997: NISHIOKA Sensei gives him a Shomokuroku (first teaching license of Shintô Muso Ryu Jôdô.

Alain continues to teach and train in Aikidô, principally in seminars, with TAMURA Sensei, Malcolm Tiki Shewan Sensei and René Vandroogenbroek Sensei for whom he has lots of respect and admiration.

Alain shares his time between Fasciapulsology, animation or organization of Jôdô, Aïkidô, Shiatsu, Qi Gong and Calligraphy seminars.

Sadly, Alain passed away in July 2021.


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