Kagamibiraki 2018

After victory, tighten your helmet strap.

Kagamibiraki pictures

European EJF summer gasshuku in Pisa

Waiting for a more detailed description of that wonderful seminar from the organizing committee, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Italian group. The family spirit, which is so important to me, was at its top level. Accomodation and food were at an unusual high level, and the many side-events (Shuriken, Marionettes, cross-bow, t-shirts, bags, amazing cakes, etc) were unexpected surprises. And all this did not interfer with serious and hard/hot training. A life-long unforgettable souvenir. Mille grazie a tutti.
Pascal Krieger

As illustrated above... the theme of the gasshuku was "Having not experienced life-death combat, teach with humility".


Teacher's Training 2017

Kagamibiraki 2017

Kagamibiraki pictures

Summer Camp

July, 30th to August, 6th 2016 - El Collell / Barcelona, Spain



Georges Kraus (center, in red), one of the oldest Jô practitioners in Europe, nearly 90 years old, came to say hello at our Friday training in Geneva. We wish him many more years and a good health. P. Krieger

Karunakaran Sensei has left us

A few EJF practitioners have known Karuna Sensei. They join me to express to Karuna Sensei’s family and close friends our most sincere sympathy.

Summer Camp

July, 30th to August, 6th 2016
El Collell near Barcelona, Espange
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Kagamibiraki 2016

The Kagamibiraki has taken place in Cartigny.

Images: Wolfgang Marko

Best Wishes

While strolling in Indian streets, going around cows, pigs, goats, dogs and apes, not mentioning the crazy traffic in which each step puts you in danger, I'm experimenting the best Zanshin lesson ever.

According to various news, I am happy to know that all is going well in the various dojo (Jo, Iai, Judo and Shodo) I am very proud of your work. I regularly practice Tandoku in order to keep in shape. I have a lot to discover in this marvelous country. Lots to learn about myself regarding my reactions and feelings.

I have heard some of the bad news concerning the events in Paris. I hope nobody of the FEJ have been directly concerned, as well as their families. I also hope that anger, hate, frustration and revenge won't be the answers to these dramatic events. Ichi Go Ichi E, here and now, let us do something nice, gentle, friendly in our direct environment. It is the only good answer to these horrible events.

Please accept my best wishes for a better year 2016. I am really looking forward to see you all again at the end of next spring. PK

drawing from PK, colored by Yanoe

13th IJF Gasshuku finished

Report by PK Sensei

Pictures: Shinkai Dojo

Tsunemori Kaminoda Sensei passed away

A little more than a month ago, Tsunemori Kaminoda Sensei passed away. The funerals took place on April 19 at the Buddhist Temple of Baisouin, in Tokyo. I sent a calligraphied letter and a contribution from the EJF to Mr. T. Watanabe, one of Sensei's family friend, who just contacted me to tell me he read the letter in front of everybody and handed the family the EJF contribution, adding this was very much appreciated.

For the people who don't know Kaminoda Sensei, he was a chief policeman I met on my first day of Jodo in march 1969 at the Yotsuya Daiyonkidotai. I was led there by Donn Draeger Sensei and met Shimizu Sensei at the same occasion. Since that day, and for 6 years, Kaminoda Sensei was, together with Shimizu Sensei, my closest teacher. He handed me a Katana for my first Iai lesson too. Kaminoda Sensei was part of the group of teachers who came to Europe (Netherland, Sweden, France and Switzerland) in 1980, with Donn Draeger Sensei and Risuke Otake Sensei to promote Katori Shinto Ryu and Shinto Muso Ryu in Europe. Tiki Shewan Sensei was also part of the group. This tour was very important for European classical Budo development.

When I visited Japan in 1985 with ISO, the company for which I was working at the time, I contacted Kaminoda Sensei to ask him if he could teach me Isshin Ryu Kusarigamajutsu since I did not have time to study it during my time in Japan in the early seventies. He kindly accepted and gave me several hours a day for a whole week, refusing any contribution. He was also an excellent calligrapher and gave me lots of advices about this art.

So I feel very sad about his passing away. Kaminoda Sensei was one of the Japanese teachers at the origin of the development of the EJF, let us not forget that. He will stay in my heart for ever. I just wanted to share this with all of you.

Kaminoda Tsunemori Sensei

Together with Kaminoda Sensei, in 2009, on Shimizu Sensei's grave (Ohakamaeri) near Shibuya in Tokyo

P. Krieger, April 30 2015

Kagamibiraki 2015

The Kagamibiraki has taken place in Cartigny.

Images: Wolfgang Marko

Nishioka Sensei passed away on 8 February 2014

Pascal Krieger wrote a personal letter to Sensei's daughter and the FEJ sent, through Vicente Borondo and Watabe Sensei a substantial contribution for the funeral.

He has been the light of the EJF which he has enlighted for more than two decades. It is our duty, now, to keep this light showing us the way to understand and practise Jô.
Nishioka Tsuneo Sensei left this world on the first day of his 91st year. His funeral took place in the intimity of his family.
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Due to request we provide the commemoration poster assembled for the summer-camp by Kees Bruggink.

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